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mkg plaques

MKG Plaques is a small business offering bespoke, personalised plaques, candle holders and many other items. They are our oldest clients, having first helped them with design work back in 2017.

Client :

MKG Plaques

Services provided:

Photography, videography, design & branding

design work & Branding

Our partnership with MKG Plaques first began with the creation of a logo for the new business. MKG Plaques had an idea of what they wanted their logo to look like and we helped to turn that vision into a reality, creating a bold and very distinct logo.

To further promote their business, MKG Plaques asked Summit Media to design flyers and a roll banner that they could display at various events they attended. Keeping the colours and style consistent across the three designs helped to create the brand that is MKG Plaques.

"The quality and style of photos and the promotional video produced by Summit for my business were simply outstanding"

MKG Plaques


MKG Plaques wanted high quality images of their products that they could use on their website and various social media accounts. We spent a whole day photographing their various products and edited and delivered the pictures with a very quick turnaround.


Having been very impressed with the pictures we captured, MKG Plaques wanted to take advantage of our creative skills and asked us to shoot a promotional video. We had a meeting where we brainstormed ideas and logistics and then shot the video over a number of days the following week. The promotional video was uploaded to MKG Plaques social media pages, where it received a very positive reaction.

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