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Design & branding

Although the terms 'design' and 'branding' are often used synonymously, they actually have two different meanings. We at Summit Media understand the difference between the two and can help you to create and refine the image and perception of your business.

Having a logo to represent your business is often one of the first things that gets completed. Having the right logo that portrays the right message is very important. We sit down with all of our clients and brainstorm ideas in a free pre-consultation in order to design a logo that truly captures your business's identity. We create all of our logos from scratch, so you can rest assured that your logo is as unique as your business.

Branding is the term given to how your business is perceived by the public. We have carried out extensive research into the psychology of branding and know how to utilise colours, fonts and various elements in order to achieve the desired perception of your brand.

When it comes to branding, consistency is key. At Summit Media, we will create a unique house style for you as well as design whatever collateral you need - menus, business cards, flyers, you name it we will design it! You can trust that we will turn your business into a brand that is instantly recognizable.

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